2022 Homeland Security Enterprise Forum

October 24-28

Advancing the Enterprise

What is HSEF?

The Homeland Security Enterprise Forum (HSEF) is America’s premier summit that brings all pillars of the country together. An independent public convening, HSEF invigorates dialogue, elevates above partisanship, and integrates solutions into the homeland security enterprise.

Joined by distinguished incumbent and former government officials, c-suite, executives, and civil-society, through a series of plenary panels, breakout sessions and fireside chats, HSEF educates the public and informs government leadership.

Our two-day program theme 'Advancing the Enterprise' will highlight how current and emerging technologies can advance the efforts to keep our nation more secure.  Through plenary sessions, breakouts, and our annual debate, we will examine the integration and adoption of technologies that will benefit the workforce, improve intelligence, and increase resilience.

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The Homeland Security Enterprise Forum is made possible by the support from our corporate partners. We are proud to have partners from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. To learn more about our 2023 corporate partnership packages please email: sarah@hseem.com


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Latest Insights

The Homeland Security Enterprise Forum is hosted by the Homeland Security Experts Group and a variety of institutions, authorities, and organizations. Here we offer some relevant insights from our affiliates.

Tools for Government Agencies' Risk Management Programs

August 24, 2023
In federal agencies and beyond, the risk landscape is shifting. As the risk environment evolves, the tools agencies use to monitor and evaluate risks must also evolve. Experts from Guidehouse discuss why Federal Agencies should consider commercially available governance, risk, and compliance solutions.

Achieving Results while on your Journey to Zero Trust

August 24, 2023
In an ideal world, no device and/or user can access an organization's data without real-time verification. However, real-time decision making requires a strong foundation, and tight integration across multiple, often siloed, domains. Read how Guidehouse helps federal agencies and departments' key stakeholders develop a dynamic security mindset by identifying Zero Trust as a paradigm shift.

“As-A-Service” Cloud Enables a More Efficient, Better Equipped Government

September 11, 2023
Cloud services are now fundamental to our lives. We store our photos and email files in the cloud, use social apps that run in the cloud, and even access health and financial records through the cloud. The cloud enables us to share our lives – and our information – with those who matter most. The facility and efficiency of this platform is what drives government to cloud models. Today, hybrid cloud models play an integral and growing role in the way the government stores data and shares information.


The HSEF is a prime platform to engage in thought leadership, educate the public, and inform government leadership. All announcements are shared here from the team.