HSEF Announces SIMS Software as a 2023 Corporate Partner

September 6, 2023

WASHINGTON - SIMS Software is proud to be a corporate sponsor of the 2023 Homeland Security Enterprise Forum (HSEF) as we share in the common goal of the security of our nation.  Michael Struttmann, CEO of SIMS Software released the following statement: “SIMS Software has been a trusted and active leader in industrial security information management space for 40 years and we’re proud to support this year’s forum with the theme of ‘Advancing the Enterprise – current & emerging technologies’. The HSEF forum provides an important opportunity for the voices of government leaders, the private sector, and the civil society to discuss the evolving and complex risk landscape facing our nation. SIMS Software looks forward to the HSEF expert panels and collaborating with participants on potential solutions to help advance the current and future security needs of our nation.”